This new supply chain toolkit has been entirely funded and developed by RISCAuthority, a membership scheme comprising of the UK's leading commercial property insurers and brokers.   RISCAuthority (Risk Insight, Strategy and Control Authority) is firmly established as the insurance focal point for research, standards setting, resource provision, training and lobbying, in pursuit of raising resilience standards within the business community.  With a membership covering over 90% of the UK's commercial insurance market, the scheme is unique in seeking to extend the legislative requirements of life-safety to additionally consider business and property protection.  RISCAuthority is administered by the Fire Protection Association (FPA), the UK's national fire safety organisation.

Created by members and experts of the RISCAuthority Business Continuity Working Group, this free-to-use toolkit has been designed to help businesses, of all types and sizes, identify suppliers who most directly impact on your ability to deliver products and services to your customers. 

Fore more information about RISCAuthority including access to our extensive library of free documents and guides, please visit www.riscauthority.co.uk

For more information about the activities of the FPA please visit www.thefpa.co.uk